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Our nursery is the perfect environment to gradually get your child ready for starting reception. Our facilities and the added specialism of our highly trained early years practitioners ensure all our children are ready for the next stage in their learning.

Our facilities allow for extensive outdoor activities and comprehensive indoor learning through play. From creative arts and crafts activities to learning about the world around them, we offer a wide range of stimulating extra curriculum activities to allow our children to benefit from a wide range of different experiences. Our children can also extend their learning through structured educational visits.

We are extremely passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle to our children, healthy snacks comprising of fresh fruits are made available. Children attending full days have meals freshly prepared daily taking into consideration their unique dietary requirements.

Key Facts

Teaching & Learning

Learning is at our core and we are led by a team of qualified teachers who are passionate about getting your child to achieve. We closely follow the EYFS and all our children are individually tracked and monitored.

Working Together

We understand the positive impact working with parents and carers has on the development of our children and we, therefore, put emphasis on working with all our essential partners to ultimately benefit our children’s learning.

Positive Relationships

We work hard to develop and maintain positive relationships with all our key partners to ultimately ensure that a child’s nursery experience is not only loving and fun, but also impactful on their social and educational development.

Individualised support

All our children are unique and therefore have a unique approach to their learning. Our children are encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness and are supported by our staff accordingly.

Individual Learning Styles

All children learn differently and at different rates, some are visual learners, some prefer listening and some prefer physically moving around and learning through play. At Mac-E-Mooz we employ teaching styles to cater for all different types of learning styles.

Positive Environment

We strive to promote and ardently maintain a positive environment at Mac-E-Mooz as this has a positive impact on a child’s learning and development. This is not only true for our daily routines at Mac-E-Mooz, but also for our interactions with our parents and all other partners in the nursery.

Outdoor Learning

We are fortunate to have a secure and well-equipped outdoor play area, providing the ideal environment for fun, games and exercise through outdoor activities during all times of the year. We are right next door to Victoria Park and some of our children at times take planned excursions to explore and learn about the world around them.

Equal Opportunities

Our nursery operates an equal opportunity policy ensuring our stakeholders are afforded equality of opportunities. All our children, staff and other essential partners are always treated in a respectful, unbiased, and non-discriminatory manner.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday from 8am - 4pm except for weekends and bank holidays.

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