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Our number one priority at Mac-E-Mooz Daycare is to provide a safe, happy, and caring environment through which our children can learn, play and relax. We believe in our motto ‘it all starts here’ so we are passionate about providing the best possible start to all our children in all areas of their development. We will do this by delivering effective teaching and learning in a safe, secure, enjoyable, interactive, and purposeful environment that makes an impact on the lives of all our children.

We cater for children aged 2-5 years. Our team of qualified, caring, and energetic early years professionals are experts in incorporating the Early Years Curriculum (EYFS) into our games, activities, and daily routines. This means all our children, regardless of age, background and ability, spend their days at Mac-E-Mooz Daycare learning and progressing in a relaxing, friendly, safe and warm environment with plenty of laughs and giggles along the way. If a child is not hitting their personal targets, their key worker with support from our lead learning practitioner, will put

into place intervention strategies to overcome any barriers. We have our roots in education and our senior leadership team comprises of qualified teachers who have years of experience in the education and childcare sector. This background and experience make us a very learning-focused childcare provider.

Our staff are kept up to date with changes in the childcare sector via ongoing training and continued professional development. Our staff are dedicated, passionate individuals with a zeal for making every child’s experience unique. By having the highest expectations of ourselves and our children and by creating a nursery which feels like a home away from home.

Key Facts

Our Mission Statement

We believe in our motto ‘it all starts here’ as our mission statement is to provide the best possible start to all our children in all areas of their development. Children will have many experiences for the first time whilst attending Mac-E-Mooz Daycare, and it is our utmost priority to ensure these experiences are a strong foundation for their progress and development.

Our Team

We only employ fully qualified and experienced childcare professionals to ensure our children only have the most positive experiences. Consistency is key and our staff ensure high quality care is maintained throughout a child’s learning journey with us. Our staff undergo regular training and continued professional development to ensure they are up to date with the latest developments within the early year’s sector. We work proactively with a host of external professionals to support our children and their families throughout their time at Mac-E-Mooz Daycare.


Safeguarding our children is our number one priority.  All our staff are up to date with relevant safeguarding training and we have robust safeguarding procedures in place.  All main entrances are accessed via buzzed entry only, and we have 24/7 audio and video CCTV surveillance in all our indoor rooms and our outdoor play area.

Only a registered parent/guardian can collect a child, if any other person other than the registered parent/guardian is collecting a child. The nursery must be fully informed in every instance before the collection by the registered parent/guardian.

Behaviour Management

At Mac-E-Mooz Daycare we are constantly encouraging and promoting excellent behaviour and we have clear policies and procedures in place to facilitate good behaviour. Where children are involved in any altercations with one another, it is addressed immediately by staff and also ceased as a learning opportunity for all involved. In such instances, we keep parents abreast of the incident and any actions taken.


Mac-E-Mooz Daycare will cater to the needs of all children attending the nursery regardless of ethnicity, race, or religion. We treat all our children as individuals and we cater specifically to the needs of every child. Additional support for learning is provided for all our children with additional learning needs, from children that are more able and ahead of their peers to any child who may speak English as an additional language.

To ensure all our children are on track and are getting the most individualised level of support, we track and monitor the progress of every child. This ensures staff are aware that each child is meeting their personal targets. In any instance this is not the case, our monitoring alerts staff to ensure they put in relevant strategies to address any barriers a particular child may be facing.


Our Fees

Our fees represent excellent value for money and are payable either weekly or monthly in advance via cash, cheque, and bank transfers. Parents can also pay via childcare vouchers, tax-free childcare as well as through local authority early years funding schemes. Payment delays may result in withdrawal of childcare services for the duration of the delay. Our fees are payable in the event of an illness, personal holidays including all bank holidays to maintain a space at Mac-E-Mooz Daycare. Termination of childcare services requires a months’ notice. 

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Our opening times are Monday to Friday from 8am - 4pm except for weekends and bank holidays.

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